The next generation digital payments system.

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How it works?

Load money onto your
smartphone using our app.

We turn your
smartphone into a
wallet with digital money.

Tap your smartphone on
Zapp Boxes at the store
to pay merchants.

Easy, secure and convenient.
Works even when
there is no network.

Collect points and redeem
#spotrewards instantly.

Get rewarded on the spot
when you pay through us.

Get your store onboard

Fail safe, secure and high volume
digital payments system.

Do business
even when networks
are down.

Lower MDR through
smart remittance technology.

Save money.
Accept payments
lower than ₹50.

Alert customers about rewards
when they walk into your store.

Delight your customers with
instant gratification.
Increase walk-ins.

Contact us

Call us now on
+91 80 61914287
to get started.
We are available
from 10:00-19:00 hrs.

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